In January 2017, Omniactive Health Technologies acquired 100% stake in Bangalore-based leading health & nutrition active natural ingredients player Indfrag Ltd . Indfrag was started in 1989 to extract the essence of natural flowers to be used as ingredients in fine perfumery. In the early 1990s, Indfrag diversified and expanded into other botanical extracts used in Health care. The first product was Garcinia which is even today a very important ingredient for weight management. Indfrag is a world leader in several well known botanical extracts which form the core of supplement formulas world-wide. The Company holds a leadership position in standardized plant extracts. Further, with their strong footprint at the source, they have developed a library of over 100 botanicals-which provides a strong foundation for launching products that complement OmniActive's innovation platform in meeting emerging industry and consumer needs, By coming together, both companies intend to spearhead industry efforts to bring to our customers fully authenticated and validated extracts that meet the emerging standards of safety, reliability, transparency and traceability."

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Our experience of 25 years in the art & science of Botanical extraction has given
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us an expertise to partner with you to research and produce unique extracts as per a given specification. We believe in acting as a consultant and advisor than a mere customer-supplier relation.We call it the “Indfrag Advantage”

  1. We start right at the R&D stage and are sort of a service provider/consultant and assist formulators like who are constantly on the lookout for new botanical actives to introduce into their product line.
  2. While they may have certain actives which are continued over the years and are constantly sourced, they are always on the lookout for that “new” and “latest” ingredient. Formulators need to identify, source and extract these actives from botanicals all over the world. That’s where we come in.
  3. Very few companies in the world have the capability to meet such requirements.
  4. While dealing with such companies we have the following advantages.
    • Ability to develop unknown and rare plant extracts of high priority quickly.
    • Ability to source for rare botanicals all over the world. Our network built over 2 decades enables us to identify a source and set up a supply chain quickly.
    • Ability to make very small quantities for their clinical trials from a few grams to scaling up when required to produce kilogram quantities.
    • Consistency of quality and Reliable deliveries.
    • Our quality of communication
    • When you add all the above capabilities and narrow down to companies who can deliver the same (mainly from Europe and developed countries) we are quite competitive in terms of price.
    • Our commitment to sustaibility and social conscience.


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In the year 1989, Indfrag was started to extract the essence of natural flowers
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to be used as ingredients in fine perfumery.This was done in technical collaboration with Bertrand Freres located in the south of France. It was also owned by Unilever.Marketing was also done by Unilever and Indfrag’s ingredients found their way in famous perfumes like Poison of Christion Dior and 24 Faubourg of Hermes.In the early 1990s, Indfrag diversified and expanded into other botanical extracts used in Healthcare. The first product was Garcinia which is even today a very important ingredient for weight management. After this, Indfrag never looked back and expanded heavily to what we are today.Plant bio-actives for cosmetics had started in the mid 2000.




In an industry in which unreliability and poor standards are common, Indfrag is the exception. Our commitment to quality and adherence to best practices has proven itself time and again. Indfrag couples product innovation with standardized manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional value to customers. To this end the company has been certified by various independent bodies and has memberships with premier industry associations.











Solar Lantern Distribution in Madagascar

Madagascar is among the poorest countries in the world. Despite it’s beauty, its just like most African countries today facing so many challenges. Access to electricity is one of them and is very low with only about 20% of the total population having access to modern energy. In the rural areas, only about 5% have access to electricity.



Indfrag sources Centella leaves from Antananarivo, Ambatondrazaka and Morarano region in Madagascar. Having seen the shortage of electricity in these areas, the company decided to distribute solar lanterns to the collectors. Therefore, 100 lanterns were distributed in these areas to help the collectors and their families in continuing their regular activities even at night.

Recycled Soaps Distribution

Indfrag has been involved in converting waste into useful products and one of our new initiatives is, to collect and convert used soaps from large hotels. The idea is to mill the used soaps, sterilize them, add the necessary ingredients to standardize the specifications, add color and perfume to finish into cakes. Indfrag bears the cost of collection, conversion and distribution of the soaps.30kg of used soaps were utilized to make 1000 pink colored, rose perfumed soaps. We have a stock of 594 kg of used soaps. 20,000 soaps can be made with the available stock.
1000 soaps were distributed to various Orphanages/ Old age homes in Bangalore.
We are still locating more Orphanages to continue the distribution.

Donations to Non-Profit Organizations


Indfrag sponsored dinner worth $ 2,500 for hungry children at the Annual ‘Gift of Hope’ charity Golf classic.
Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network is a not-for-profit organ procurement organization that coordinates organ and tissue donation and provides public education on donation in Illinois and northwest Indiana. Since 1987, they have saved the lives of nearly 20,000 organ transplant recipients and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of tissue transplant recipients through our efforts.Similarly, Indfrag has also donated $15,000 to North Jersey Children’s Charitable Trust to support the livelihood and education of poor children. The company also donated INR 5,00,000 to Indian Missionary Society which works in close association with the Church of South India, Church of North India and undertake welfare measures for their well-being with Indian Leadership, Indian Management and Indian Finance.


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